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Remember back when you were a kid and your parents where freaking out about the gypsy moths destroying all their trees? Ok, well the late 80’s early 90’s since most of you reading this probably aren’t the same age as me… Gypsy moths were really a big concern when I was young. My parents wrapped black tar like sticky bands around all our trees to keep the caterpillar from climbing up. My siblings and I were taught what the egg masses, caterpillars, and moths looked like so they could be killed…

Needle in a Haystack

Black swallowtails found my parsley again

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I love parsley. Usually I try to plant a few parsley plants every year, but generally it ends up being no more than handful of plants. This year, I managed to overwinter one single mature plant and have a few additional tiny seedlings. Despite only having one properly sized plant that could even possibly support something eating it - she found it. The Black Swallowtail found it again.

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By now you’ve probably all heard the ‘buzz’ about it being the year of the Brood X 17-year periodical cicada, Magicada. At least for folks in many parts of the US. I live in southern Michigan and according to the historical maps that means I should just barely be in the range to see them. Hooray! So all year, I have been anxiously awaiting and anticipating the emergence of Brood X. And waiting. And enviously looking at photos and videos posted my fellow entomologists in more eastern parts of…

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