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Bug News

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Do you have annoying brownish bugs crawling all over your doors and windows? Are they periodically bumping or flying into you at the most inconvenient times? Do they frequently come inside just to get stepped on (or sat on!) accidentally and emit an unpleasant stinky odor when squashed? If so, you are not alone.

6-Minute Read

By now you’ve probably all heard the ‘buzz’ about it being the year of the Brood X 17-year periodical cicada, Magicada. At least for folks in many parts of the US. I live in southern Michigan and according to the historical maps that means I should just barely be in the range to see them. Hooray! So all year, I have been anxiously awaiting and anticipating the emergence of Brood X. And waiting. And enviously looking at photos and videos posted by my fellow entomologists in more eastern parts of…

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