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Did you know not all ladybugs are female? These ferocious bugs certainly aren’t lady like either when they’re chowing down on the sap sucking critters eating your plants. And, to top it all off, ladybug’s aren’t even “true bugs”. They are actually a type of beetle. Basically the whole name “ladybug” is a misnomer. Well then, lol!

6-Minute Read

You feel almost nothing at first… Maybe a slight poke or prick, nothing of consequence – you figure you probably just brushed up against a twig or something. Soon you start to feel sluggish, maybe unwell, not at all like yourself. You start to notice a squirming, gnawing feeling internally. It gets worse… And worse… You finally realize what’s going on. You are slowly being eaten from the inside out. While still alive! 😱 And there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

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