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New Bug ID Website & App

by Skriabin Nikita

Skriabin Nikita

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Hi all!
I thought you’d like to hear about a new bug identification website and phone app I recently found out about. While I’m usually a big supporter of iNaturalist, SEEK, FieldGuide and pursuing BugGuide to check my identifications, it’s always good to know about different options out there 😃

--Bug News
* Please welcome guest author and web developer: Skriabin Nikita.*

Bug ID Website & App

Bug ID is a website and iOS app dedicated to sharing high-quality images of insects from around the world. Its mission is to educate and inspire people about the incredible diversity of insect species and their important role in our ecosystem. It also aims to provide educational content about insects and their behavior. The website includes articles and information about different insect species, their habitats, and their role in the ecosystem.

The app and site have a simple and user-friendly interface, making it easy for users to use and navigate.

Bug ID Website
Here are some of the functions of insectsid.com:

Insect Identification: The site provides a comprehensive list of insects along with their pictures, which makes it easy for users to identify insects that they come across. This function can be useful for both hobbyists and professionals who need to identify insects for research purposes or pest control.

Pest Control: site provides information on how to control pests using various methods such as chemical, biological, and natural control methods. This information is helpful for people who want to keep their homes, gardens, or crops pest-free without harming the environment.

Education: The site is a valuable educational resource for people interested in entomology or related fields. The site provides information on insect

You can use all the website content for free.

Bug ID iOS app

Bug ID iOS app helps users identify different species of insects. The app uses advanced image recognition technology and machine learning algorithms to identify the insect species in real-time.

Free part of App
Detailed Information: Once the app has identified the insect, it provides users with detailed information about the species. Users can learn about the habitat, behavior, diet, and other interesting facts about the insect.



Collection: The app also allows users to create a collection of their identified insects. Users can save photos of the insects they have identified and add them to their collection. They can also view their collection at any time and learn more about the insects they have identified.

Expert Support: The app offers expert support to users through its community features and professional team. This support can be particularly useful for users who are looking for more detailed information.

Paid Functions
Image Recognition: The core functionality of the app is image recognition. Users can take a photo of the insect they want to identify and the app will use its image recognition technology to analyze the photo and identify the species of the insect. The app can identify a wide variety of insects, including butterflies, beetles, ants, bees, and more.

Offline Mode: Bug ID: Insects Identifier can also be used offline, which is a great feature for users who are out in the field and may not have access to an internet connection. The app uses local databases to identify insects even when there is no internet connection.

Skriabin Nikita (Никита Скрябин) is a bug enthusiast and web developer. The Bug ID website and App are available at InsectID.com

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