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Welcome to the E. M. Tucker Lab!

Research in the Tucker Lab is broadly interested in all insect diversity, but primarily focuses on Hymenoptera (bees, wasps, ants). Hymenoptera is an excellent focus group as the group is hyper-diverse and runs the spectrum of ecological necessities. Members of Hymenoptera are crucial to pollination and crop production, essential as biological control agents in natural and agricultural systems, and can be significant pests in natural and urban environments. Our lab explores topics in Hymenoptera ecology, taxonomy and systematics, and museum collections research.

Ongoing projects include collecting baseline taxonomic and ecological information on local hymenoptera, digitizing historical Great Lakes bee and wasp specimens, and examining shifts in current bee distributions and plant-pollinator networks from those in historical records.

Check out what specific lab members are studying on our People Page.

Interested in becoming a citizen scientist? Check out Notes From Nature where you can help scientist transcribe important specimen information!

Beth & Michael conducting fieldwork
Dom and lab blacklighting at the E.S. George Reserve

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